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Patty Chmielewski and Michael Bell started ChmieBell Tours in 2014.  Patty assummed ownership of Funtime Tours, joined with Michael and renamed the company to ChmieBell Tours where together, they Manage and run the Coach Tour Business.  The business has become very successful based on how they interact with their guests.  They create a “Family” atmosphere that keep people traveling with them year after year!

Let ChmieBell Customize an event or Tour

for you and your business

Contact us and let Michael and Patty help you entertain your guests with a customized tour or special event.  We are able to create what you envision and will be there to personally manage the event to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome.  Contact us today!

Group Tours

One of the many tours ChmieBell Tours takes throughout the year.  The above picture was from the 2015 Branson, Memphis, Nashville tour.
Patty and Michael have organized and managed the Chmielewski Polkafest for the last 3 years.  They have increased attendance from 500 to over 2,500 attendees in 2 years!  Contact us if your event can use more attendees! 612-597-8116 - Patty 612-749-6330 - Michael
Patty and Michael take the time to understand what the customer wants in each event.  We work with you to make each event special and successful.  
ChmieBell Events
Our Marketing includes Websites, Social Media Management, Voice, Video and  personalities.  Let us help you gain more customers today!  
ChmieBell Marketing

Chmiebell Tours

Chmiebell Marketing/Events/Tours
Chmielewski Polkafest
Chmiebell Marketing, Events and Tours is a company that focuses on business marketing, Events and Motor Coach Tours.  We create professional events that will have your customers eger to return next year!  We create “Customers for Life”! Contact us to help set up your next Corporate, Private or Community event or to plan your group tour anywhere the U.S.!