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Snow Removal is done with a Snow Blower to better remove the snow and give a better appearance.  We do not damage driveways or lawn edges while removing snow.  We also clear your walk ways, front entry and any sidewalks on the property.  If requested, we can put salt down as needed.  We can be scheduled for one time removals or annual contracts by calling or texting our number below.  Pricing is by the job and is around $30-$45 per property.  We only remove snow from Residential properties.  We can schedule before, during or following a snow event. Contact us at 612-749-6330 today!
We perform Lawn Mowing for residential properties.  We mow, blow the clippings off your driveway, walks and street and trim around trees, edging and shrubs.  Pricing is between $30- $50 per residential property.  If you would like to have a larger property done, just call and we can come out and look over the area and quote it properly.  We will quote single family, duplex and 4 plex properties.  We can perform one time services or be scheduled for weekly service.  Just give us a call or contact us by phone, text or email and we can stop by and view your property today!
Yard Clean up is done anytime from Spring to Fall.  We can clean up overgrown shrubs, leaves, sticks and any areas you may want to look better.  We trim trees and shrubs, install edging, mulch, shrubs and any other landscaping projects that you may want completed.  We price these jobs by the hour plus materials (if needed).  Simply call us and have us stop by and discuss your vision for the area and we will get your yard cleaned up and looking great for the season!  Contact us today at 612-749-6330.
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