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RCVS also stands for Red Carpet Valet Storage.  We are a tote box based storage company.  We provide the boxes, deliver them to your home or business.  When you have them filled we lock the tote boxes and take them to our secure storage facility.  Once they are logged in, they are available to be requested and returned to the customer within 24-48 hours.  You will have a listing of each box contents and we can bring back any one or all of your totes as you need them for a small delivery charge.
Storage box rental is $8 per box/per month.  Storage boxes are 27” x 17” x 12”.  We also store Banker Boxes for $5 per month for 12” x 12” or $10 per month for 24” x 12”. There is only a charge for storage and delivery.  There is no other charges for the service. We also offer a storage and shred service for banker boxes.  Businesses must keep paperwork for up to 7 years, we will date each box that comes in and will store them until the date to dispose of them.  At that time we will shred them and will provide the destruction certificate to the business.
We also Rent out our boxes for moving.  Instead of buying cardboard boxes, simply call us and we will deliver the boxes to your old home for you to use for your entire move.  Once you are done, we will pick them up from your new home!  Its as simple as that!  These totes are much stronger, safer and easier to use than cardboard.  Plus, no waste!  Just return them when you are done. Prices start at $99 for one week rental (20 Totes) and go up to $199 for 75 totes for one week.  Call for details and let Red Carpet Valet Storage help you move!  We can also store and deliver your boxes to your new home if needed!
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